girl playing hopscotch

As endless as numbers

“A million, a billion, an octodecillion

A jillion, a willion, a wonderflazillion.

Wait! Those three aren’t real! Can you make a silly one?

Snail, I love you a trillion-frillion-pillion.”

wall bouncing against a fence

As bouncy as this ball

“The ball you throw squishes flat when it lands

BOINGS! —off the floor and back up to your hands.

Can you drop it and bop it? Drop, bop, down the hall!

Snail, I love you, as bouncy as this ball.”

falling star over three campers

Like a meteor soaring

“A space rock dissolves at the edge of the sky

It fizzles and fades as it whizzes on by.

A blazing end. A wish’s birth.

Snail, I love you like a meteor soaring toward earth.”